Saudi Arabia: Soodhun back home via private jet

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Vice-Prime Minister, Showkutally Soodhun is back to Mauritius early on Wednesday morning by a private jet which has been put to his disposition by Prince Mohammed ben Salmane.


Showkutally Soodhun went to Saudi Arabia following the presentation of the 2016-17 Budget on Friday the 29th of July. He went there to negotiate about several files such as the financing of certain projects such as Heritage City, Metro Express and the Hadj file. It looks like that the Hadj file has been finalized and Mauritius has benefitted from 500 additional visas to bring the total to 1500 of pilgrims.


The Saudi government has so far accepted to put 100 million dollars at the disposition of Mauritius according to the formula: build-operate-transfer (BOT) for the financing of two projects that of Metro Express and Heritage City. This loan allocated to Mauritius is refundable on a period of 20 years with 2% interest. So far, concerning the opening of an Embassy at Ryad and a consulate at Djeddah, things are going fast according to reports.



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